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   Here are some of the things our RSA parents have to say!











“RSA has been great for our son!  They have worked hard as a school to help bring him up to grade level. They have always been flexible and helpful in dealing with his academics as well as his behavior issues. Being autistic has been a struggle for him and our family, but RSA’s teachers have always tried their hardest to help in anyway they can. They listen closely to what each family wants for their child, and strive to meet that need in the classroom. Being able to work on an individual level has meant that our son has been able to excel quickly in school. The environment in each school is friendly and warm. Each child’s best interests are put first, and as a family, we are so grateful for them!”




“RSA has assisted my son in getting an education and has individualized his academic program.  He could never get the one on one attention at any other school. There is open communication, flexibility, and most importantly caring, loving, educated teachers that hold a special bond with each of their students.”

“Rising Stars Academy is a wonderful school for my sons! The environment is loving and nurturing with the focus on education at an individual level.  Our sons are ADHD, and they struggled to focus in a larger classroom environment.  ​

At Rising Stars Academy they were assessed to determine proficiency in each subject.  They then started working with them at their existing proficiency level and have advanced them based on skill mastery, which is our primary objective.  They are able to work one-on-one with a teacher as needed and they advance in their books at a reasonable pace.  

Beyond the traditional class work, they have fun activities such as bowling on Wednesday, gym after school, and pizza Fridays.  And the best part is, both of my sons LOVE school.  They were so excited for school to start back in August.  RSA has really helped their self esteem, their attitudes, and their education in so many ways. 

THANKS to the school director, Roni Stockdale, for caring about each and every child – as a student and as a learning, growing, developing individual.  And thanks to all of the teachers and staff for being patient, dedicated and caring!  We are so thankful that RSA exists and that our sons get to go there!”

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