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Programs Offered

After School Tutoring(Additional fees apply)

Arts & Crafts

Assessments (Learning & Behavioral)​

Barton Reading and Spelling Program

Bible Studies

Bowling  (Additional fees apply)​

Christian Based Curriculum
​Community Service
Daily Devotions

Field Trips

Foreign Languages

GED Prep Course


Individualized Curriculum (A.C.E.)
Local Gym Membership (Additional fees Apply)

Modification of Behavioral Issues

Online Curriculum (Optional)

Science Fair Projects

Small Group Social Skills

Team Work


Curriculum & Enrichment

​Rising Stars Academy offers an individualized educational program for each student, based upon their performance level rather than their chronological age.

Our program is designed to provide a positive, supportive environment for academic, social, emotional, and spiritual growth. The curriculum we use benefits most children, including those who are gifted and children who may have learning differences.

Outside of our curriculum, Rising Stars Academy offers tutoring for reading and spelling, using the Barton Reading and Spelling Program. If your child struggles with reading comprehension or spelling, this program builds a very strong foundation for success in all areas of reading and spelling. Please visit their website to learn more


Our students have the ability to dual enroll at Brevard Community College.

The curriculum offered consists of two learning styles. Rising Stars Academy offers a workbook method (P.A.C.E.'s) through Accelerated Christian Education, or online learning through Alpha Omega called Ignitia. Visit their websites to learn about each program.








Some students work within both curricula. We match each student within their individual learning style, encouraging daily goals to be met.

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