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Rising Stars Academy is a Christian-based K-12 school located in beautiful Brevard County, Florida. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to succeed. We offer a curriculum that meets each child where they’re at educationally, rather than simply chronologically placed in a generic grade level where they may continue to struggle, without gains. We then build on their strengths, while also discovering their weaknesses and build on those, with the goal of remediation.

Ask yourself these questions…

  •  Is your child currently struggling in school?

  •  Is your child’s self-esteem low and need lifting?

  •  ​Would you like your child to receive a Christian-based education, building Godly character?

  •  ​Would your child perform better in a small, comfortable classroom?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, Rising Stars Academy offers your child the individualized, Christian-based education built on the love and understanding that he/she deserves.

Family Empowerment (formerly McKay & Gardiner), Step Up For Students, AAA, and HOPE Scholarships accepted.​


Tuition is $7500.00, along with these additional fees:

* Registration: $250.00

* Uniform: $25.00

* Testing: $325.00

* Transportation: $25.00 (field trips)

* Books: (Additional to daily curriculum) $100.00

* Other: $900.00 - Working One on One with Staff, Lab Fees, Supplies, Arts and Crafts, Civic Center Fees

Annual Cost is $9125.00



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